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How can i update my TomTom GPS Device?

To update your TomTom gps device, you want to install the MyDrive Connect app for your computer or Mac laptop.
MyDrive Connect is our free help app that help you to manage your content material and offerings on your TomTom GPS. Via MyDrive Connect we can offer you the brand new maps, software program updates and the possibility to resume your offerings. We advocate connecting your navigation tool often to ensure you will have the nice driving experience. Every week we have numerous updates and fixes available. Make positive you are the usage of the today's version of MyDrive Connect. Once mounted, please virtually connect your TomTom navigation tool on your PC or Mac and the utility will begin automatically.

What is MyDrive and what can I do with it?

Here I'll give an explanation for quickly what is MyDrive and what can you do with it with exceptional devices. First it is essential to differentiate between MyDrive and MyDrive Connect.

Tomtom device not connecting to computer (MyDrive Connetc)?

If your pc does not detect your navigation tool even as it's far connected, we recommend you to check if the USB cable is attached nicely.

  • You should plug the USB cable without delay into a USB port at the computer and now not right into a USB hub or USB port on a keyboard or reveal.
  • Use best the USB cable provided with the tool. Other USB cables won't paintings.
  • Some gadgets include a automobile mount that can also be used to charge the device the usage of the pc.

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