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How to Increase TomTom One Memory?

You will find TomTom One comes up with only 1 gigabyte memory. This amount of memory is not sufficient specially if you are travelling abroad and require suitable additional maps or want to add applications. But you can increase the space by modifying internal hardware and add internal SD card as the device doesn’t have external SD card slot.

Follow the below directions to increase Tomtom GPS memory:

  • By using TomTom Home, create a backup of your data on your hard drive. Connect the GPS with computer. Access TomTom Home and then select ‘Backup and restore’. After wards tap on ‘Back up my device’.
  • Within the grey frame, press the right tabs down with the help of flat head screwdriver. You will see two tabs on each side.
  • Once the tabs are pressed down, remove the frame.
  • Now, remove screws from every corner.
  • On the metal’s frame top, remove the four metal tabs along with three available at the bottom.
  • Take off the plastic ring from the screen’s surrounding.
  • Too make GPS stand on it bottom’s edge, pull up the screen. Now take out the thin metal band from the right side of plug.
  • Then remove the screen.
  • Install SD card adaptor into the adaptor slot. But first on the correct pins, solder the wires available from the interface. Then slide the SD card.
  • Reassemble the navigation device.
  • With the help of USB port, connect navigation tool with computer.
  • Now again open TomTom Home. Tap on ‘Backup and restore’. Tap on ‘Restore up my device’ option. It will copy all the information on hard drive to your GPS tool.

For any assistance with above process, call TomTom Support Team

If you need any help or guidance with increasing memory of your navigation tool or facing any technical issue then reach our experts. You can reach them by dropping a call at TomTom Customer Support Number Australia 1800870079. They will help you with the instructions and steps. You can reach them anytime as they are here to assist you round the clock.

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