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How to Update Voices on TomTom Navigator?

Want to update and manage the voices on your navigator? TomTom’s navigation voices page is a hub of several sounds. You can pick the voice of your choice, purchase, download and install the same on your navigation tool. You need to access your MyDrive Connect with the device and log in with your email address. Then go to Voice Updates if available.

You will find three types of official navigation voices for TomTom:

  • Standard Voices: They are pre-installed sounds on every GPS device. They are basically recorded sounds, instructing the user about the route.
  • Computerized Voices: GPS tool has text to speech technology for reading the street names, incoming messages, weather information etc.
    Note: Not all the GPS tools support the computer sounds.
  • Premium Voices: These are the celebrities’ recorded sound which are available for purchase.

What is the process of purchasing Premium Voices?

Access the TomTom’s website and go to the voice store. You can filter the search through category or tap on Details on the voice you want to purchase from the main homepage. You can further tap on the shopping cart icon after going through the Details for proceeding ahead with the voice purchase. You can use purchased voice only on one GPS tool.

You can contact experts if you are facing any difficulty in following the steps by dialing TomTom Support Number 1-8oo-87o-o79.

Updating the voices

Follow the guidelines for updating the sounds:

  • First, connect the device with your computer and switch it on.
  • Click on MyDrive Connect icon if MyDrive Connect doesn’t open on its own. You can also access it either from the Windows notification area or via Apple menu bar.
  • If you aren’t logged in then enter your registered email address and Log in. Now, choose ‘Remember my email address’ for avoiding entering the same next time.
  • If there is any update for the already installed sounds then they will be provided as a single file called as Voice Updates. It is recommend to install the updates as they are quality improvements to installed sounds. Purchased sounds can be seen as separate updates.
  • Click on the Update Selected after selecting the checkbox available next to updates you would like to install.
  • Disconnect the navigation tool and switch it on once the installation is finished.
  • After installing a new voice, go to Settings/ Voices/ Change Voice and then click on the voice you would like to use.

Reach TomTom Support Australia if you are facing any installation issue

The experts and specialists team is always available at your help round the clock. You just need to contact us by dropping a call at TomTom GPS Support Number 1-8oo-87o-o79 and we are happy to help you.

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