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Update TomTom One XL

For the GPS users, TomTom have released software updates. By accessing TomTom HOME through computer system, the user can update One XL GPS. The available free updates add features and improve the GPS performance by patching themselves on the navigation application. The user can also use the navigation’s HOME software for accessing the latest map guarantee. It will update the device’s map without any cost within 90 days of purchase or buying map updates after 3 months.

What is the procedure for updating the GPS device?

Follow the below guidelines for upgrading the navigation tool:

  • Go to the TomTom website through your computer system. Access its HOME.
  • Connect your TomTom One XL model with the help of USB.
  • Download the ‘HOME’ from the website and install it if you do not have it installed already.
  • Tap on Back Up and Restore> Back Up My Device> Back Up Now for creating a backup of One XL before proceeding. It will help in securing the data if update fails and you have to reset the navigation device. Click on ‘Done’ once the backup process is completed.
  • For checking updates online, tap on ‘Update My Device’. If there is any update available for the navigation application then it will be displayed on the update window.
  • Access the ‘Device’ menu and select the ‘Disconnect Device’. Unplug your device after quitting from the GPS HOME.

With the help of above process, you can easily update the One XL navigation tool.

If you are still facing any trouble with any of the above steps or any other technical glitch with the device then connect with TomTom Support Australia. The technicians and experts are available at TomTom Technical Support Number Australia 18oo-87o-o79. You can talk to the team directly and they will guide instantly without any delay.

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